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Functional Nutrition Expert
Genomic Wellness Professional
Cognitive Health Specialist
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified in Clinical Peptide Therapy
Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Published Author
Behavior Change Specialist

Hi! I’m

Cee McDermott, 

and I am on a mission to help you change your wellness destiny. 

Some titles I go by:

I help high achievers reach their goals of sustainable wellness through the inherent blueprint of their DNA. 

Throughout my career with the federal government, I was also a personal trainer and nutritionist, but it wasn’t until I found genomics that everything fell into place. 

With a family history of disease and cognitive decline that I was looking to outrun, I discovered that your genetics are not your destiny. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You get to determine your health outcomes, no matter what genetics you have. 

I have always been captivated by wellness and personal growth. Having worked all over the world in high-pressure federal government roles for over 15 years, I know a thing or two about optimizing human potential.

Lifelong health and wellness is my passion.

Once I understood this, there was no stopping the evolution of my mission. Having maintained a healthy lifestyle grew to mean smaller shifts for bigger changes, including mindset and stress management, which led to quantum leaps in wellness. 

Knowledge of your genetic code gives you the keys that open the doors to optimal wellness.

I interpret the clinical data, scientific research, your background, and personal health history, and distill it into actionable steps, specifically for YOU.

We begin with lifestyle shifts that are specific to our genes and continue from there on a journey with limitless possibilities. 

I pride myself on interpersonal skills that make all the difference in genetics and wellness coaching. I know how important it is to show up for clients, and when I function at my best, you get optimal results. In other words, I have done and continue to do the personal work necessary, every day. 

From Olympic athletes to Special Forces operators and CEOs, I have guided high achievers toward their greatest potential in wellness and in life.

I have spent my life optimizing and educating myself about wellness. Through personal experience, client experience, and clinical research, I have worked tirelessly on my own longevity and wellness. I hold a Ph.D. in Integrative Nutrition and am a Certified Cognitive Health Specialist, a Behavioral Change Specialist, and a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach. Still, my certifications and titles do not compare to the real-world experience I have gathered through life. Continuous improvement, education, and staying up to date on research is my passion. 

Now I guide others through their wellness journey by implementing changes that are specific to their DNA and fit within the context of their life.

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my life’s work, and it influences everything I do. 


Radical wellness is my

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Your body holds the answers to many pressing questions. I assist you in interpreting the answers. 

I know, because I’ve tried it all. Through trial and error, extensive research, and loads of 1:1 experience. As an observer of humans by nature and profession, I work tirelessly to find actionable answers for each client. 

Not sure where to begin? 

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