by utilizing the inherent blueprint of their DNA. 

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Your DNA, Your Life: Learn more about how lifestyle factors affect your DNA.

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Private coaching custom tailored to fit your needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

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Learn how to navigate your body’s unique needs through DNA analysis, methylation data, and lifestyle changes unique to your genotype.



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You deserve a life of

You deserve a life of ease, focus

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My ultimate goal in life is to assist you in fulfilling your greatest potential. If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout my years of work, it’s that science and data-driven information are what create real results for a fulfilled and productive life. By incorporating the six pillars of health and wellness (Nutrition, Stress Management, Movement, Mindset, Environment, and Rest/Recovery) into your genetic analysis and life goals, I help my clients exceed their current standards of living by utilizing the power of their DNA to gain physical and mental strength.


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Your DNA, Your Life.

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“My work with Cee has given me a wealth of information that I have been seeking for a long time. It has helped me zero in on the changes that will make the most positive impact on my health and wellness, physically and mentally. Her in-depth presentation of my genetic profile gave me the information I needed to take control of my health and wellness outcomes now and for the future.”


“ The attention to detail and thorough explanation provided by Cee was unlike any meeting Ive ever experienced within the healthcare industry. After our initial consultation, she provided me with a thorough and detailed analysis along with recommendations of how to move forward. It was fascinating to dig deep into so many facets of my physical being. She is on the cutting edge of healthcare . I look forward to being a client for many years to come.“


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